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About Us

Bringing Out The Culture Within

Our ancestors are from Sindh, a prominent region in Pre-Partitioned India that was incorporated in the newly created Pakistan in 1947. The birth of Pakistan led to the migration of many Hindu Sindhi's over the country’s borders and the ultimate dispersion of our community worldwide. The overwhelming majority of Hindu Sindhi families left all their possessions behind and had to re-build their lives elsewhere.

Through strong work ethic and business acumen, most Sindhi families have established themselves on firm financial footing and successfully integrated into their new environments. However, it has come at a very high price – primarily due to the circumstances surrounding partition, Sindhi's of today’s generation faced an ever-widening gap in their knowledge of our cultural heritage and in their practice of our Sindhi language, customs and traditions, as well as a lack of connection with each other. 

Our Missions

•Understand the cultural legacy we have inherited and reconnect with our heritage. 


•Explore the issues we face as a community, and specifically, as a generation.


•Cross the physical and socio-economic boundaries that divide us and re - kindle a sense of community and belonging, enabling us to connect with each other as well as

connecting with our cultural and social identity. 

•Celebrate our individual and collective accomplishments, and foster and encourage other members of our community in their endeavors, particularly those in non-traditional roles or professions. 

•Generate renewed awareness and interest not only in our cultural heritage but also in the social, political and economic issues that affect our lives. 

•Create and foster a new generation of leadership and ambassadorship within our community.

•Partner with the academic community to establish resources that will allow future generations to learn and celebrate our heritage.  

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